Introductory Workshops for Video Editing, Audio Editing, & Screen Capture


I found this week’s class very interesting as we had a guest speaker – Rich McCue – come in and give a workshop on video editing, audio editing, and screen capture. The link to Rich McCue’s Website and the workshop that I participated in is here.

I’ve never used iMovie or any video editing service before and I thought this workshop very informing. The first thing that I completed in class was to edit a video. We were all given a simple goat video and we had to edit and manipulate the video (through trial and error) to cut the video (make it shorter), add a title screen, add audio, split the video and add a transition, and also merge two videos together. This will be useful in the future (and in this course) when I make videos and presentations for my music project as well as my Tech Inquiry Project as well.

The second section of the workshop which I completed was using a green-screen video, a background video, and audio recording and how to merge all of these videos together. I found this information the most interesting as I have always wanted to learn how to use a green-screen. As our class was cut short I was unable to get into the Screen-Capture section of the workshop but that will be important for my Tech Inquiry project so I will go through that workshop in the foreseeable future when I get some time.

Overall, I thought this workshop today was information, interesting, and fun! Definitely the best one yet. All of our resources and lesson plans can be found on this link.

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