Google Documents (and Google Slides) in the Classroom – The Most Beneficial Application for Group Work

Google Documents is an online resource that is associated with G.A.F.E. and works very well with Google Classroom as well. Google Documents is increasing in popularity with teachers, students, and school systems as it is all online, documents are saved instantaneous, provides many educational purposes and benefits, and no homework can be left at home.

Also, Google Slides is on a similar basis of Google Documents. Google Slides is Googles version of Powerpoint that works in the same way as Google Documents. As they are all accessed by the same G.A.F.E. account and kept in the same place online, it allows for effective collaboration. Google Slides has a ubiquitous amount of templates that you can use for presentations but also you can use Slides Carnival – which has even more templates that you can insert into your presentation.

It is useful in a school system as it allows groups of students and teachers to work on the same document at one time which makes collaboration easier and also develops the skills necessary for group work. Also, it is time-efficient for students who cannot get together after school time but still be able to contribute equally and effectively on group projects.

I named Google Documents and Google Slides as the most important and beneficial Google App for Education as it serves so many benefits and applications in a classroom. Here are the benefits that my research came up with:

  • Easily accessed by all students from EVERYWHERE (as long as there is internet)
  • Enhances collaboration skills between students
  • Provides students with the opportunity for more group projects
  • Teachers are able to access the document which allows them to check on student progress and give them advice and comment on their work
  • Teachers are able to see the group participants of a project and how much they have actually contributed – takes away the possibility of everyone getting the same grade even though if there were differences in work distribution (students not doing what they said they would or students doing more than others)
  • Very beneficial for individual work (some possibility of not the best for group work – see below)
  • All students can access Google Documents that are posted on Google Classroom – This is why G.A.F.E. is important, it connects all aspects of education online

There are endless benefits to using Google Documents and Google Slides in our classroom but there are some limiting factors as well:

  • Not suitable for all ages
  • Possibility of stuff being deleted accidentally and not being able to be returned
  • Group work is not always beneficial for all students – some are not respectful, etc.

Overall Google Documents and Google Slides are very beneficial to all grade-appropriate classrooms. It is good for group work, individual work, all work is online, and connects to Google Classroom and all other G.A.F.EĀ applications.


Google Docs: Why Teachers and Students Should Be Using Them For Course Work


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