The “End” of my Musical Growth Plan

I have finally been able to complete my final song for my musical growth project – ‘Minuet in D Major’. For this song, as mentioned in my previous blog post, I found this piece the most difficult to learn for a couple of reasons.

  1. It introduces new musical notes and symbols that I have not previously learned
  2. It is at a different rhythm than ‘Canon in D’ – the song that I previously practiced for three weeks
  3. I did not receive any help on this piece

For the previous 2 pieces, learning how to read music, and three major scales I received help from my girlfriend who is amazing at the piano. But for this song, I learned it all on my own. The reason why I learned it on my own was my decision. I was ahead of my musical growth plan schedule and wanted an extra challenge. Now I am happy and satisfied that I was capable of learning my new song all by myself (I will show a video of myself playing it after my next blog post).

Since I am all done my musical growth plan, I am going to try and learn the left hand to my song ‘Canon in D’. This will be a challenge for myself as I will need to learn how to read the bass clef notes on the song and also how to put the right hand and the left hand together – but I am ready for my new piano journey!

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