Final Blog Post (Blog #6)

I have finally done it! My goal (since I finished my musical growth plan early) was to learn the left hand to my previous song ‘Canon in D’ and put the right hand and the left hand together. This was the hardest part of my whole growth project because at first, it was learning how to read the bass clef notes, then finding when to play them, what speed, and finally putting them together. I never knew it was this hard but now I have much greater respect for people who play any instrument because I learned first hand how much skill you need to have to put the right hand and left hand together. It took me about 10 hours to do so (the left hand and put the song together). I will put it in my final video.

Although learning the bass clef to ‘Canon in D’ was quite difficult to accomplish, I thought it sounded much better than just the right hand so I decided to also learn the left hand to ‘Minuet in D Major’ over the reading break as well. Compared to ‘Canon in D’ it was easier because I already have learned the gist of reading music, it was more of just putting the right hand and left hand together. After about 5 hours of practice total, I was able to put it all together. I felt more accomplished with this song though because I learned the right hand and left hand all by myself without help from anything or anyone. I will also put this video in my final blog post.

I would have never expected myself at the beginning of this musical growth project to be able to learn the treble clef and bass clef to 2 of my songs (since my goal was to just learn the right hand). It did take me a lot longer than first expected to do so but I didn’t mind because once I started playing the piano regularly every night, it became fun when I began to be able to play the songs and I couldn’t stop. My goal is to continue playing piano over the year because it has become a hobby of mine. Overall I say my whole growth plan (with the extension) took me over 40 hours to complete but it was worth it and I am more than happy with how far I got. I always wanted to learn the piano (since I quit when I was 5 because I couldn’t read any music) and this project has helped me and gave me the motivation to try.

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