Mars – Our next home?

The little red planet in our solar system is the next location where humans are going to try and land and create an environment on. The more research done on Mars, the more interesting features and facts emerge. Mars is smaller than Earth, red in color, has no sizeable magnetosphere, and has actually been virtually mapped (so you can go and explore Mars online – search it up!) The main distinction about Mars (other than its color) is that it contains lots of impact features that are over thousands over kilometers big.

Mars’ atmosphere contained ~95% CO2, 3%N, and has about 1/150th the size out our atmospheric pressure. This means that water/ice clouds actually exist on Mars up to ~30 kilometers high (is there water on Mars?) The fun fact about Mars is that it actually erodes the surface (just like Earth does) from the wind. On Mars, if you were on Mars during its summer (and there was oxygen) you would be able to sit comfortably outside without a spacesuit because the temperature on Mars in the summer is ~30 degrees Celsius. But, sadly, the atmosphere makes it unbearable to have no suit on. Plus, on the night side of Mars, it is way below zero temperatures and you would freeze to death instantly.

On Mars, there has been much uncertainty as if there is actually water on Mars. This has come to a conclusion – THERE IS. Although there is a presence of water on Mars, there is no LIQUID WATER (only water-ice, which is located at the poles). There is a lot of research going on about the presence of liquid water in the past on Mars though. There is lots of evidence that should suggest liquid water flowing on Mars but no concrete evidence yet.

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