Multi-Access Instruction

I found today’s class very interesting. The first half of the class was devoted to video conferencing with a guest speaker while the second half of the class were peer presentations on their EdTech inquiry projects.

It was too bad but we were not able to connect to our guest speaker in the B-Wing of the Clearihue Building for a video conference. I was looking forward to seeing what it is like to be in a video-conference classroom but instead, we had a presentation by our instructor on multimodality in a classroom and how to include all students. The main topic from the presentation was Multi-Access Instruction (which is a blend of face-face and online instruction). We dove into the responsibilities of a teacher to make your classroom accessible to all students and creating a classroom environment that allows students who cannot be in class to attend and virtually be with you is important. Plus, the technology involved in this process is unbelievable. We met a virtual robot in class as well.

I did my presentation today and I thought it went really well! I also really enjoyed all of the other presentations from the other 3 groups.  I’m excited about the next class to hear more of the presentations.

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