Response to Leona’s Multimedia and Interactive Learning Blog Post

Hi Leona!

I really enjoyed your blog post on “Multimedia and Interactive Learning.” First of all, I think your explanation and dissection of the computer game, ‘Pandemic 2’, was very detailed, full of strong points, and easy to follow. I agree with your conclusion that Rich’s son’s engagement with the game is both an example of interactive and multimedia learning. The way that he was interacting with the game resulted in him learning new information while also having fun. I also really like how you explained the overall goal of the game and how you did go into more detail from your own research. I did not research further into the game and I applaud you for doing that! I am wondering if you have can share the resource that you used to find out more about this game?

Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash

One thing I noticed about your blog post is that it is very accessible because of all the hyperlinks you included in your writing. It looks great and is convenient.

I have never used the Breakout EDU website in school but from the link you included and your personal interactions with the game, it seems to be suited well for classrooms. I am jealous you got this opportunity at your school! Do you think this could be customized and used in all K-12 classrooms?

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