Response to Timm’s What is Multimedia and Interactive learning? And Why is it Important? Blog Post


First of all, I love your primary image on your blog. The hamburger makes me hungry! The huge buck is also very eye-catching.

In your blog post, I really liked how you were able to explain how Rich’s son met each of the categories for multimedia and interactive learning very clearly. I agree with you on the extent of how multimodal and interactive Pandemic 2 is. I have never played Pandemic 2, but it seems that presently it could be a very useful tool to teach students about the pandemic and why they need to be careful. I don’t know too much about this game but what do you think?

Adding on, in your next about your own experiences with interactive and multimedia learning, I connected on a very deep level of your example of Madden Football. In my experience, it wasn’t American Football but rather European Football instead. Although they are different games, thinking back on my experiences of playing the game and playing in real-life, the sports video game not only taught me coaching strategies or playing techniques, I learned a lot about football which I find fascinating.

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Finally, I noticed that our blogs both mention the importance of storytelling in children’s (and everyone’s) learning. I think that storytelling not only engages the students and creates a memorable memory (like Rich’s son’s PC story) but it’s important for connections between the student and the teacher. I say that because for there to be effective learning, there needs to be a bond or connection between them – At least I’ve noticed that in my own learning process. Check out this ted talk. I used it for my inquiry last year and it’s not 100% on the topic of interactive learning and multimedia but it is relative and connects to my points about the bonds required in schools.


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