Response to Kylie’s EDCI 337- Blog #1

Hi Kylie!

I loved your first EDCI 337 blog. I really connected with what you said about hoping to become more comfortable using technology and reliving some anxiety. I found it really beneficial last year taking EDCI 336 to increase my comfortability with technology but I’m wondering did you find a difference in your feelings towards video and audio after the EDCI 336 class?

I really liked how you were able to explain thoroughly and fully the aspects of how Pandemic 2 a multimodal and interactive game is. It’s amazing how much I have learned without fully noticing it and as you said, this game does a great job at educating everyone who plays this online game.

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

Another connection I made with your blog post was your reference to Khan Academy. They do an amazing job of making sure their videos are multimodal and interactive in the sense as you are supposed to follow along with your own problems. I say problems because I used Khan Academy all through high school for help with my mathematics and it helped greatly!

My final comment is about the layout of your blog. I really enjoyed your photo of the computer with a computer and the cameras and cellphone but I am wondering if you have thought about putting in a photo at the top of your blog? I think it looks great but maybe another photo would make your blog ‘pop’ even more!

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