‘Reading Eggs’ : Individual Multimedia App Evaluation

I chose Reading Eggs as my Multimedia Application for my personal and professional evaluation. Reading Eggs is an online application that teaches children mathematics and how to read while keeping them engaged and interested. It is a platform that includes videos matched with dialogue, pictures, and cartoons which ultimately increases the child’s motivation to learn.

 Evaluate the application with respect to relative multimedia learning principles

 This Reading Eggs Application is aligned with almost all of the 21 ‘Cambridge Handbook of Multimedia Learning’ principles. The Main Principles of Multimedia Learning that are used throughout this application are the Multimedia principle, the Modality principle, the Coherent principle, the Spatial Contiguity Principle, the Temporal Contiguity principle, and the Image principle. Overall, this application appears to be built around following as many of the Principles of Multimedia Learning as possible for effective and interesting student learning.

 Include your personal experiences and impressions while using the application from an instructors’ perspective.

 I was ultimately surprised by the Reading Eggs application once I downloaded and explored the multimedia educational tool. Once y0u open the application, registration is straight forward and easy to follow. Follow, once the student is registered it takes you to the main ‘home’ page that is laid out in a very user-friendly way. As you can see in the picture below, it is personal to the child, it is multimodal (in case they are unaware of how to read yet, and there are many options.

In my personal experience with the application, the first thing I did was go into lesson 1. I was glad to see that there is a reading and language test that every student is required to take so they can start off at their current reading skill. I found all of the lessons that I experienced to be very insightful (for younger learners), interactive, and multimodal. Each lesson had opportunities to learn the material in different modes. These include images, videos, words, narrations, etc. Please watch the video below which is an example of a younger student learning the sounds of the alphabet.


After exploring the reading and language part of the application, I then moved onto the mathematical aspect of the application. The lesson that I participated in was based on the sharing equally division principle. Even for the youngest learners, this application breaks down some of the trickiest principles by using cartoon characters, narration, and pictures. Not only will the students be able to follow along easily with the cartoons but there are a plethora of examples after for student practice.

After exploring this application for over an hour, I know that this multimedia educational application would implement well into all classrooms and schools. It provides students with another mode of learning and can be used to further include all students despite their different levels of academic skills.

Evaluate the application using one or more multimedia and interactive learning tool evaluation rubrics:


Pike, K. (2017). Reading Eggs. [Mobile application software].

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