Timm Blog Response #1

Hi Timm! I really enjoyed reading and looking at your blog. When I first opened your blog, I saw your home-office picture. At first, I thought it was a picture from the internet because of how awesome it is, but then I remember that drawing you did for Art Class and I realized it was your room. That is amazing. I am super jealous. The way you incorporated and connected information from previous...
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Kirby Blog Feedback #1

Kirby! I really enjoyed reading your blog. I am 100% on the same page with you about the aspect of all of my knowledge on the importance of relationships in school was from personal experience. Through my experiences in school and relationships with teachers, EA's, and students, I fully realized the benefit of having these positive relationships in my class and I am super happy we are learning...
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Leona Blog Feedback #1

Hi Leona! I loved your blog. First of all, I really liked how you included prior information and materials from Dr. Martin Brokenleg, Alan McLean, and Vygotsky in your blog and how you were able to connect them. I agree with you - the social aspect of learning and classrooms is a vital part of the learning process and I wrote that in my blog as well. Your blog is laid out perfectly. I like how...
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