Kirby Blog Feedback #1

Kirby! I really enjoyed reading your blog.

I am 100% on the same page with you about the aspect of all of my knowledge on the importance of relationships in school was from personal experience. Through my experiences in school and relationships with teachers, EA’s, and students, I fully realized the benefit of having these positive relationships in my class and I am super happy we are learning more about it now.

I really like how you were able to layout your blog so nice and incorporate many diagrams and pictures. The diagram about the three types of interactions in education was simple, easy to understand, and great – did you make this?

Your blog does a great job of taking the material you are learning about and connecting and reflecting about your time as a student. Although some experiences are negative, its good to see that you are able to express those true emotions that you felt and how they connect to aspects of the reading. I believe that is a huge part of learning and it gives me some ideas for my next blog post.

Finally, there are lots of great resources that you shared in your blog about creating relationships in online classrooms such as zoom, social media platforms, and having an overall social presence with your class.

Overall, your information and connections are amazing and you laid out your blog very nicely. I am excited to read your next blog post!

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