Leona Blog Feedback #1

Hi Leona! I loved your blog.

First of all, I really liked how you included prior information and materials from Dr. Martin Brokenleg, Alan McLean, and Vygotsky in your blog and how you were able to connect them. I agree with you – the social aspect of learning and classrooms is a vital part of the learning process and I wrote that in my blog as well.

Your blog is laid out perfectly. I like how you split it up from prior knowledge to your new learning and thoughts. Also, your pictures are great and connect to the reading. (we chose the same zoom image!) Adding on, your notes and thoughts about Garret Dickkers’ article is chronological, easy to follow, and contains the main points from his reading – which is awesome.

I liked how you laid out the three different interactions on your blog. I see you wrote that learner-learner interactions are often supported way less. Out of the three types of interactions, which one do you think is the most important in school? Do you think it changes as students move up through grades? I’m curious because I think it definitely changes throughout the grades and levels of school.

Finally, I feel quite strongly about the sentence in your blog, “a clear focus on facilitating learning through making connections and building a strong sense of community is key for fostering deeper learning regardless of the teaching method.” I am a huge believer in the importance of community in a classroom and plan to use everything in my ‘tool kit’ to make sure everyone feels a strong sense of classroom community.

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