Timm Blog Response #1

Hi Timm!

I really enjoyed reading and looking at your blog.

When I first opened your blog, I saw your home-office picture. At first, I thought it was a picture from the internet because of how awesome it is, but then I remember that drawing you did for Art Class and I realized it was your room. That is amazing. I am super jealous.

The way you incorporated and connected information from previous classes to this class is genius. I really like how you have laid everything out, cited all resources, and attached videos to your blog post. It mays your blog extra informative and it’s great to see all of these materials coming together. Not only did you take information from other classes but the infographic and QR code was another great implementation and it shows you are learning lots of stuff!

Finally, the way you laid out all the summary and ideas from our readings was pleasing to the eye and very informative. I gained even more information about this topic from your blog post this week.

I am more than excited to see your next blog post – let me know if you add anything more to your home-office!

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