Dr. Barb Brown Webinar

Why Fostering Teacher/Student and Student/Student Relationships are Important

"Fostering relationships is an important and key aspect of teaching. The most important thing you can do is create a relationship with the students because it is the foundation of learning and is critical to everything." - Dr. Barb Brown

Suggested Technological Tools to Help Foster Classroom Relationships 

How Does This Webinar Connect to Our Course Learning Outcomes? 

  1. “Develop an awareness of the potential of human-centered learning in online and open learning context” – Throughout this webinar I learned lots about human-centered learning in online and open learning context through the importance of relationships, different tools to use, and how human-centered online learning is beyond achievable and great for learning when using the right techniques and tools.
  2. “Explore and engage with current literature on the distributed and open education movement” – This was achieved by the literature given to us by Dr. Barb Brown during the Webinar
  3. “Critically reflect on and articulate concepts around modality, pedagogy, and online learning communities” – Through our conversations, introduction to tools/applications, and “think about” questions during our Webinar.

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