Timm Blog Response #2

Timm! Awesome blog post! So much information and connections to your life. The first aspect of your blog post to jump out at me while reading, again, was your cover photo. Not your computer set-up this time, but instead your decorated infographic. I really like how you were able to divide your infographic up into pictures, your previous knowledge, and what the teacher's job is as an online...
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Kirby Blog Response #2

Kirby! First of all, your cover photo is awesome! Do you know where that is? It's so fascinating to look at. First of all, I really like how the first thing you did in your blog post was to summarize what the readings were, your previous knowledge, and how you are able to use this new knowledge to give you a new perspective and how it connects to your life. Your blog post is laid how quite nicely...
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Leona Blog Response #2

Hi Leona! First of all, I would just like to point out how nicely you were able to incorporate images from the readings, Unsplash, and class activities on your blog. It clearly shows how hard you have been working on these blog posts and participating in in-class activities. Plus, it makes the blog post look spectacular. Adding on, not only do your images make the blog post beautiful and...
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