Kirby Blog Response #2


First of all, your cover photo is awesome! Do you know where that is? It’s so fascinating to look at.

First of all, I really like how the first thing you did in your blog post was to summarize what the readings were, your previous knowledge, and how you are able to use this new knowledge to give you a new perspective and how it connects to your life.

Your blog post is laid how quite nicely with your learning from the notes you took, historical trends in k-12 online and distributed learning, and theoretical trends in k-12 online and distributed learning. The history aspect of online and distributed learning timeline looks great. I created a similar timeline as an infographic on my blog post but yours definitely has the most information, which is great. I also like the picture you took from Edgar’s article. It fits great and it has lots of great information on it – I wish I decided to do the same thing on my blog post.

Something I found interesting that you wrote was “one of the most crucial pieces of information I learned was how ‘new’ and ‘ill-researched’ this topic is”. I found that very interesting and not to my suspicion when I started this topic. I thought there would be more information on K-12 Distance and online learning but there isn’t, and our reading made it very clear that it was not well researched over the past century.

Overall, I love it and I’m excited about your next post!

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