Leona Blog Response #2

Hi Leona!

First of all, I would just like to point out how nicely you were able to incorporate images from the readings, Unsplash, and class activities on your blog. It clearly shows how hard you have been working on these blog posts and participating in in-class activities. Plus, it makes the blog post look spectacular. Adding on, not only do your images make the blog post beautiful and informative, but the way you were able to organize your work was great. I really liked how you described each learning theory at the beginning of your blog post, added definitions of the various types of online and distance learning, and your section layout of open and distributed learning.

Another thing that caught my eye while reading your blog post was how you were able to incorporate information from the readings as well as what you took away from the course readings. You also have lots of hyperlinks to other pages which is super user friendly.

I think this is an excellent blog post and I’m excited to see your topic 3 post next week!



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