Timm Blog Response #2


Awesome blog post! So much information and connections to your life. The first aspect of your blog post to jump out at me while reading, again, was your cover photo. Not your computer set-up this time, but instead your decorated infographic. I really like how you were able to divide your infographic up into pictures, your previous knowledge, and what the teacher’s job is as an online educator.

I was very interested in your quote “I feel that the topic of online and open learning is misunderstood, and most criticisms are caused by fear and ignorance.” I totally think the same way. Just like how we learned about gymnastics last year in our PE class how one of the leading causes of a teacher not wanting to teach gymnastics is the fear of injuries. I think online classes are 100% achievable for every teacher as long as there are proper training and knowledge about how to use the materials – the same goes for the students as well.

I was also glad to see the use of our learning pod’s quotes and the infographic that I created. It shows that not only do we all work well together and are comfortable with sharing information between us future educators, but also that you, and we all are, able to learn from each other and different perspectives.

A very detailed and well-presented blog – I’m excited for topic 3!

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