Kirby Blog Response #3

HELLO KIRBY!! The first thing I noticed before reading is how wonderful you were able to layout your blog post. Three readings, three sections, and you were able to pick out all of the important information from all of them. That’s awesome! For your first reading, I really liked how you included a definition of the UDL. I personally have not known the 'actual' definition of UDL until this...
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Timm Blog Response #3

Timm! I really enjoyed your blog post because it was very informative and quite multimodal (which is my favorite). I thought it was very nice how you included a definition of equity in your blog post. It makes sure that all readers are on the same page of what you are talking about. I want to point out a specific quote in your first paragraph because it means a lot to my teaching belief. " a...
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Leona Blog Response #3

Good Evening Leona! While reading your blog, I noticed our blog posts contain a lot of the same quotes and ideas from our readings! Which I think is great. It means we are both picking out valuable information. In particular to your blog post, it was really helpful that you included a definition of equity. When asked, a lot of people can not correctly give a definition of equity and I think that...
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