Kirby Blog Response #3


The first thing I noticed before reading is how wonderful you were able to layout your blog post. Three readings, three sections, and you were able to pick out all of the important information from all of them. That’s awesome! For your first reading, I really liked how you included a definition of the UDL. I personally have not known the ‘actual’ definition of UDL until this article and including it in your post is beyond useful.

From the second reading, I like how you were able to go into each design principle and provide a description. I was quite intrigued about this reading due to the reasoning behind each design principle.

Finally, the last reading about COVID was interesting to read. I found it shocking how fast the world changed in a matter of a week (in victoria) and it looks like you did as well. As you pointed out, teachers definitely learned a lot from it and I have definitely learned about what needs to happen and that’s great for being future teachers!

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