Timm Blog Response #3


I really enjoyed your blog post because it was very informative and quite multimodal (which is my favorite). I thought it was very nice how you included a definition of equity in your blog post. It makes sure that all readers are on the same page of what you are talking about. I want to point out a specific quote in your first paragraph because it means a lot to my teaching belief. ” a teacher should strive to create a learning environment that provides every student with opportunities to find suitable materials to enhance their learning, and significant, meaningful opportunities to engage with their contents, teacher(s), and peers.” I found it resonated with the content on my blog post about not teaching a class as a whole but instead considering all student’s needs and help them succeed – because that is our priority goal as a teacher. Secondly, your video is very informative, great in length, and adds another dimension to your post. Finally, (I can’t believe I didn’t think of it – you’re a genius) your infographic is great. I like how it’s in a timeline-ish layout and states all of the design principles from our second reading.

Another great post Timm! Looking forward to your final post.

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