Instructional Methods Peer Comment

Hi there!

Direct instruction is an instruction method where it works for some people/places (i.e., your interactive learning resource) but can also inhibit learning in other people/places. As stated in your blog, I was appreciative for your mention about how for direction instruction to be effective, there must be a substantial amount of planning to be done. To add onto your point, I believe that it must be well-planned because there is a specific learning outcome that the teacher/instructor wants the learners to achieve. This is quite different than inquiry, group learning, etc., where learning outcomes will be different based on the individual or group. This is something that I haven’t particularly thought about! 

I’m glad that you are finding direct instruction useful for your interactive learning resource. I agree with you conclusion that since Blockchain Technology is new and complex, direct instruction would be the most beneficial instruction method for your students and your learning outcomes. This ties back to planning. As you have a set curriculum and plan, to accomplish that plan in a time-effective manner (1-2 hours), direct instruction should be your leading instructional method. 

I can’t wait to see your final resource! 

Take care. 

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