Inclusive Design Peer Comment

Hi Sabrina!

I really like your idea about incorporating different fonts and shapes on websites as an example of universal design. It has the potential to become a regular aspect of everyday websites that as you stated, can benefit all users by making it easier to find important information and knowing exactly where to help. This is a great example of universal design that although initially created to accommodate certain individuals with exceptionalities, it benefits everyone. 

Welcome” by WaywardShinobi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Through your interactive learning resource, it is great to see that it can be accessed by any computer with internet access and that the learner does not need to own a personal computer to be successful. Adding on, I believe you increase your universal learning design through providing multiple videos, articles, and textbooks to learners where they can choose what best suits their learning needs. 

Thank you for the website that showcases the different types of colour blindness in comparison to those who are not colour blind. 

Take care.  

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