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Thank you, Sullo, Zhenyu, and Junfeng (can not find blog link) for your interesting interactive learning resource about drawing. Personally, I am not a proficient drawer, but I have always been fascinated and amazed by the ways in which drawing can express peoples’ thoughts, feelings, and events. 

Learning Overview – I enjoyed reading the overview of your resource and how you incorporated research and citations to build upon how drawings are everywhere and “pictures help [create] memories, make things clearer, and [you can] retain them longer.” It is very clear that you all have a strong passion and understanding about drawing and this is why this resource showcases your enthusiasm and love for drawing throughout. It is a learning resource that is multimodal, incorporates many learning styles, and is inclusive to a variety of different learner’ needs.  

Format – A particular suggestion that I noticed throughout the resource regarding your structure was the lack of bolded headings and sub-headings. I think that it would be beneficial to incorporate these in your document and PowerPoint as it breaks up writing and highlights specific sections of writing to your learners. It will also help enhance the visual aspect of your resource and make it easier for learners to be guided through it. In addition, it may be beneficial to create a large, creative, artistic title for your resource instead of ‘Drawing’. Specifically, since you have created an interactive drawing resource, it would make your resource appear more credible and it may also increase learners’ enthusiasm to engage with your curriculum. In addition to format, under section 4. Learning activities; please consider changing the format of your bullet points and spacing. Specifically in this section, 1. Material Exploration:2 (take away the :2) and after 5. Reflection, consider changing the numbered bullets to a different bullet form. It would allow the format to flow more readily. 

Course Objectives – Wonderful. I really appreciate how you have broken down the two separate units into effective learning activities that will scaffold student learning. However, it seems to me that since I am a beginner learner, to complete all these activities would take more than the 1-2 hours of the learning resource. Correct me if I am wrong but specifically with your quote of “will complete long-term on-going projects” in your slideshow, long-term implies that it will be multiple-day projects. As per the course outline of EDCI 335, this interactive learning resource “should take approximately 1-2 hours for the learner to complete.” Therefore, perhaps you might consider shifting and amending the activities to adhere to the 1–2-hour time limit.

Description and rationale for the learning theory –  Regarding your description and rationale for your learning theory, it seems to me that you may need to consider changing or revisit your rationale for implementing the behaviorism theory. This is because I believe that constructivism and cognitivism applies to your interactive learning theory rather than behaviorism. As stated by the behaviorist learning theory, “behaviorism focuses on the idea that all behaviors are learning thorough interaction with the environment. [Adding on,] the learning theory states that behaviors are learned from the environment [and that] examples of behaviorism are positive reinforcement” (WGU, 2021). Rather, constructivism is the learning theory that is based on students building on their prior knowledge and experiences to create and learn new information. As you stated in your learning resource that “painting is a skill that can only be achieved through practice” and you are not actively teaching or reinforcing behaviors, I think that constructivism would be a more appropriate choice and description for a learning style. Correct me if I am wrong about my descriptions and application of these learning theories, but I hope that this is beneficial. 

Learning Outcomes – I think that your learning outcomes are great. They are relevant, applicable, and learners can build upon these skills throughout your resource. I think that they are implemented well throughout your learning resource. My two suggestions for this section are 1) perhaps you could explain further and elaborate on what specifically they are and how they can be learned (i.e., drawing lines section); 2) punctuation (i.e., periods are missing). 

Use of language – Overall, I think your implementation and application of your drawing and artistic skills and knowledge are applied well! It helps learners understand how to use the language and where/when it is appropriate. The next step in the proficiency of the language in your learning resource is to be consistent with the language that you use. For example, I noticed that throughout your learning resource you switched between we and I. We resembles a group formation while I implies that you worked individually. As this was a group project, consider switching all the statements (specifically in section 3 and 7) to we. Adding on to being consistent, when referring to COVID-19, it seems to me that sometimes you refer to it as COVID-19 and other times covid 19. The use of language and ensuring that you are being consistent when referring to your group, individuals, or events is an important aspect in the success of your resource. 

Assessment – Your group applied formative and summative assessment well. I was pleased to see that you had a variety of formative assessment (i.e., periodic quizzes, reflections, etc.) and a summative quiz at the end of unit 2. Proper assessment is key for a learning resource. I have one main suggestion regarding your formative assessment. As stated in your resource, you are primarily built on a foundation of writing and drawing skills. However, something to think about is how can you make this assessment multimodal, Inclusive, Incorporate different means of representation, etc. A couple examples are instead of implementing written reflections, you could do video reflections – via Flipgrid. Perhaps you could explore some multimodal examples of reflection tools to enhance your learner’s engagement with the material. I think that your quizzes through the slide show are created and implemented well. A particular thing that I noticed through looking through your quizzes is that in Unit 1 and 2 quiz, you have a question that states “Upload and introduce it here” but there is no space in the question to type an answer, only upload a photo. 

Diverse Learners – The assessment section also applies with your attention to diverse learners. I can understand and appreciate how your resource is inclusive to those who are hearing impaired and English language learners. This is important, specifically through an online-based learning resource. In relation to my suggestion about formative assessment and making it more multimodal, I think this could be a great idea for your diverse learners. Although you will have learners who are hearing impaired or learning English as an addition language, providing opportunities for multimodal reflections could be beneficial for everyone.

Slide show – I believe that your slide show is visually appealing, organized well, and follows the progression of your interactive learning resource. In relation to my comments about formatting your document, perhaps you might consider bolding headings and subheadings on your slide show as well. It increases your organization of your slideshow and allows learners to follow your learning resource more easily. I also appreciate the implantation of videos and examples of art that the learners will be creating. It allows for multimodal resources and examples to guide student learning. My final piece of advice for the slide show is for when you state “thanks for watching” on your final slide, you could perhaps change the language used. As learners will be engaging with and learning through your resource, they are not watching but rather participating, learning, or engaging with the material. Perhaps you could consider changing the last slide to “thank you for participating with our drawing workshop”. 

Overall – I think that this is a very interesting and well thought through learning resource. I think that learners will achieve your learning goals through your creative and interactive learning activities. As part of my feedback, I think that three core things that you could consider changing in your resource are regarding the timingheadings, and language used. I think the time exceeds the 1–2-hour time-limit of the resource, the headings could be bolded for increased organization, and consistent language used, as per constructive advice above.  

Thank you for sharing your interactive learning outcome with us and I am very excited to see your final draft. 


Western Governors University. “What Is the Behavioral Learning Theory?” Western Governors University. Western Governors University, March 23, 2021. 

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