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Thank you for your interaction post about ways to improve critical thinking skills. I personally think that critical thinking skills need to be a massive part of current education models and classroom environments. It is a skill that everyone must have to overcome challenges, progress through life, and navigate unforeseen problems. Adding on, I like the different interaction activities that you have suggested as part of their learning. Creating, supporting, and facilitating a debate gives students to actively work on their critical thinking skills while debating about the importance, unimportance, or somewhere in between of critical thinking skills. It provides multimodal opportunities for students to support their learning.

Immigration Debate at The Weissberg Forum For Discourse” by MDGovpics is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

One thing that you could perhaps consider adding (if you were to produce this activity) is to provide students with an opportunity to showcase their arguments of a debate through a written activity. I know that the purpose of the debate is to facilitate critical thinking skills with multiple viewpoints and opportunities, but I do know some individuals where they would be unable to participate in the debate. Therefore, providing a separate, but equal, activity would provide all students to succeed!

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