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Introduction to Coding

In today’s class, we had guest speaker Rich McCue come in and introduce us to coding! I really found it interesting how he gave us links to come coding websites that are great for grades anywhere from Kindergarten to Grade… Continue Reading →

Multi-Access Instruction

I found today’s class very interesting. The first half of the class was devoted to video conferencing with a guest speaker while the second half of the class were peer presentations on their EdTech inquiry projects. It was too bad… Continue Reading →

Minecraft EDU

Today we had a group of students come in and teach about the educational ways that you can use Minecraft in a school. It was a great learning experience for us UVic students but also the students who came into… Continue Reading →

Class Response – Peer Assessment, debrief, and more

This week in class, our class was associated to debriefing the Jesse Miller visit, PSII visit, and recieving feedback on your own personal blog and how you can improve it. We were also given the chance to go into our… Continue Reading →

Jesse Miller Visit

I found the visit from Jesse Miller very interesting, engaging, and informative. I really enjoyed how he informed us about how depending on the profession that you are entering is how you need to act on social media. Since we… Continue Reading →

Introductory Workshops for Video Editing, Audio Editing, & Screen Capture

  I found this week’s class very interesting as we had a guest speaker – Rich McCue – come in and give a workshop on video editing, audio editing, and screen capture. The link to Rich McCue’s Website and the… Continue Reading →

Setting up PLN and Technology Inquiry Question

In class this week we began to create our blogs. For myself, this was quite the experience because I am not techonologically advanced so I found it quite difficult and had to ask lots of questions. I really like the… Continue Reading →

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