Quizezz: Multimedia Application Review

Quizizz will be the subject of our group app evaluation. As a group, we decided on Quizizz after reviewing Leona’s app evaluation and posted our reasoning in our blogs. Quizizz is a multimedia application that allows for the creation of an interactive quiz. The app provides a multitude of options for the composition and formatting of the quiz-games. Quizizz allows for real-time group...
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Quizezz: Our Group Application

Out of the four apps that members of our learning pod researched – Quizizz, Reading Eggs, Sushi Monster, and Epic! Books – we have decided to conduct our final evaluation on Quizizz. Below is a video featuring the different aspects of each application. We reached this decision by discussing the varying advantages and disadvantages of each app in terms of functionality, technicality, and...
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‘Reading Eggs’ : Individual Multimedia App Evaluation

I chose Reading Eggs as my Multimedia Application for my personal and professional evaluation. Reading Eggs is an online application that teaches children mathematics and how to read while keeping them engaged and interested. It is a platform that includes videos matched with dialogue, pictures, and cartoons which ultimately increases the child's motivation to learn.  Evaluate the application...
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