Response to Kylie’s EDCI 337- Blog #1

Hi Kylie! I loved your first EDCI 337 blog. I really connected with what you said about hoping to become more comfortable using technology and reliving some anxiety. I found it really beneficial last year taking EDCI 336 to increase my comfortability with technology but I’m wondering did you find a difference in your feelings towards video and audio after the EDCI 336 class? I really liked how...
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Response to Timm’s What is Multimedia and Interactive learning? And Why is it Important? Blog Post

Timm! First of all, I love your primary image on your blog. The hamburger makes me hungry! The huge buck is also very eye-catching. In your blog post, I really liked how you were able to explain how Rich’s son met each of the categories for multimedia and interactive learning very clearly. I agree with you on the extent of how multimodal and interactive Pandemic 2 is. I have never played...
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Response to Leona’s Multimedia and Interactive Learning Blog Post

Hi Leona! I really enjoyed your blog post on “Multimedia and Interactive Learning.” First of all, I think your explanation and dissection of the computer game, ‘Pandemic 2’, was very detailed, full of strong points, and easy to follow. I agree with your conclusion that Rich’s son’s engagement with the game is both an example of interactive and multimedia learning. The way that he was...
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