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Here is the link to my presentation of G.A.F.E. today! Google Apps for Education Presentation

G.A.F.E. Privacy

So far throughout my blog, we have discussed the benefits and negatives of some of the apps in the program. Now, on my final blog post, I will describe and talk about the privacy of G.A.F.E. and how it may… Continue Reading →

Google Forms – Edtech Inquiry Coming to an End

Google forms are apart of G.A.F.E. and are used by teachers to collect information, surveys, quizzes, registration sheets, etc. Google Forms is also one of the hidden aspects of Google Apps for Education but can be incredibly useful if teachers… Continue Reading →

Google Calendar – A Way to Keep Your Classroom Organized

Google calendar is an app that is incorporated into the Google Apps for Education Platform that allows teachers to provide assignments with important dates on an online calendar that all students can access. Its purpose is to allow teachers to… Continue Reading →

Google Documents (and Google Slides) in the Classroom – The Most Beneficial Application for Group Work

Google Documents is an online resource that is associated with G.A.F.E. and works very well with Google Classroom as well. Google Documents is increasing in popularity with teachers, students, and school systems as it is all online, documents are saved… Continue Reading →

Google Classroom (Ed Tech Blog #2)

G.A.F.E. (Google Apps for Education) is a remarkable service provided by Google FOR FREE which encompasses the most convenient and important resources that Google provides – but all in one space. The main question that is asked about G.A.F.E. is why incorporate G.A.F.E… Continue Reading →

Google Apps for Education

Technology in the modern era is becoming more prominent with students – how they are brought up, what they do in their spare time, and how they assist themselves in learning. As technology can now be carried around by students… Continue Reading →

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