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Jupiter – The Solar System’s Largest Planet (by far)

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System (followed by Saturn – one of the other Jovian Planets). After our last blog talking about Mars, we finished talking about the terrestrial planets in the Solar System. Now we travel… Continue Reading →

Mars – Our next home?

The little red planet in our solar system is the next location where humans are going to try and land and create an environment on. The more research done on Mars, the more interesting features and facts emerge. Mars is… Continue Reading →

Venus – Our closest planet?

Venus is a remarkable astronomical object that is actually the “closest” planet to Earth. The closest is in quotation marks because although Venus is actually the planet that gets the closest to Earth, Mercury is the planet that is closer… Continue Reading →

Mercury – The Closest Planet to the Sun

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and also the closest to the Sun. During my research into aspects of Mercury and my previous research in our Solar System, I noticed something very interesting – Mercury and the… Continue Reading →

The Moon

The Moon of Earth is mysterious in many ways. Why is there a body of rock and minerals that is orbiting Earth? Why did humans go to the Moon multiple times and have not since returned? Why does the Moon… Continue Reading →

Planet Earth

To better understand our solar system, it is important that we first understand Earth’s evolution, properties, and why there is life. Although there are millions and billions and trillions of stars and planets in our universe, there is only one… Continue Reading →

Our Closest Star – The Sun

The Sun is the closest star to Earth – the next closest star to Earth is Proxima Centauri and it is over 4.2 Light Years away from Earth. The most fascinating aspect of the Sun for me is that it… Continue Reading →

The Beginning and Formation of our Solar System

Our Universe is over 13.8 billion years old and it all started with the ‘Big Bang’. Through my research on the creation of our solar system, it is a misconception that the beginning of our Universe was a big bang… Continue Reading →

The Major Astronomical Objects and Structure of our Solar System

Free Inquiry Topic: The Major Astronomical Objects and Structure of our Solar System The concept of space and astronomical objects other than Earth has been a key interest of mine since I was a young child. It all started when… Continue Reading →

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