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Venus – Our closest planet?

Venus is a remarkable astronomical object that is actually the “closest” planet to Earth. The closest is in quotation marks because although Venus is actually the planet that gets the closest to Earth, Mercury is the planet that is closer… Continue Reading →

Google Forms – Edtech Inquiry Coming to an End

Google forms are apart of G.A.F.E. and are used by teachers to collect information, surveys, quizzes, registration sheets, etc. Google Forms is also one of the hidden aspects of Google Apps for Education but can be incredibly useful if teachers… Continue Reading →

Minecraft EDU

Today we had a group of students come in and teach about the educational ways that you can use Minecraft in a school. It was a great learning experience for us UVic students but also the students who came into… Continue Reading →

Google Calendar – A Way to Keep Your Classroom Organized

Google calendar is an app that is incorporated into the Google Apps for Education Platform that allows teachers to provide assignments with important dates on an online calendar that all students can access. Its purpose is to allow teachers to… Continue Reading →

Class Response – Peer Assessment, debrief, and more

This week in class, our class was associated to debriefing the Jesse Miller visit, PSII visit, and recieving feedback on your own personal blog and how you can improve it. We were also given the chance to go into our… Continue Reading →

The New Beginning (Blog #4)

After successfully learning the treble clef “Canon in D”, the past week I have been working on my new song, “Minuet in D”. From the beginning of my musical growth plan, I always thought that the hardest song to learn… Continue Reading →

Google Documents (and Google Slides) in the Classroom – The Most Beneficial Application for Group Work

Google Documents is an online resource that is associated with G.A.F.E. and works very well with Google Classroom as well. Google Documents is increasing in popularity with teachers, students, and school systems as it is all online, documents are saved… Continue Reading →

Mercury – The Closest Planet to the Sun

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and also the closest to the Sun. During my research into aspects of Mercury and my previous research in our Solar System, I noticed something very interesting – Mercury and the… Continue Reading →

Midterm Demonstration of Musical Growth Video

Blog #3: Midterm Demonstration of Musical Growth (Youtube Video Included)

At the beginningĀ of the term, I stated that by October 22, when the Midterm Demonstration of Musical Growth is due, I will have completed the following: learn how to read treble clef music learn the different keys on the piano… Continue Reading →

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