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Music Lesson Reflection

On December 3rd, my group did our peer teaching lesson on Music and Math. Throughout our lesson we talked about patterns, rhythm, skip counting, and singing. Overall, I thought our lesson went really well – especially the patterns and rhythm… Continue Reading →

Introduction to Coding

In today’s class, we had guest speaker Rich McCue come in and introduce us to coding! I really found it interesting how he gave us links to come coding websites that are great for grades anywhere from Kindergarten to Grade… Continue Reading →

Jupiter – The Solar System’s Largest Planet (by far)

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System (followed by Saturn – one of the other Jovian Planets). After our last blog talking about Mars, we finished talking about the terrestrial planets in the Solar System. Now we travel… Continue Reading →

Multi-Access Instruction

I found today’s class very interesting. The first half of the class was devoted to video conferencing with a guest speaker while the second half of the class were peer presentations on their EdTech inquiry projects. It was too bad… Continue Reading →

EdTech Presentation

Here is the link to my presentation of G.A.F.E. today! Google Apps for Education Presentation

Mars – Our next home?

The little red planet in our solar system is the next location where humans are going to try and land and create an environment on. The more research done on Mars, the more interesting features and facts emerge. Mars is… Continue Reading →

Final Demonstration of Musical Growth Video

Final Blog Post (Blog #6)

I have finally done it! My goal (since I finished my musical growth plan early) was to learn the left hand to my previous song ‘Canon in D’ and put the right hand and the left hand together. This was… Continue Reading →

G.A.F.E. Privacy

So far throughout my blog, we have discussed the benefits and negatives of some of the apps in the program. Now, on my final blog post, I will describe and talk about the privacy of G.A.F.E. and how it may… Continue Reading →

The “End” of my Musical Growth Plan

I have finally been able to complete my final song for my musical growth project – ‘Minuet in D Major’. For this song, as mentioned in my previous blog post, I found this piece the most difficult to learn for… Continue Reading →

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